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Discourse Facilitator for Bhakti Book Club

अभी अप्लाई करें

Online via Zoom

कार्य का प्रकार

Once or twice a month

भूमिका के बारे में

We would love you to host a class via Zoom once or twice a month as a donation to the American Haidakhand Samaj and to help spread the practice of Yoga. Please provide us with a description of your class and let us know if you are able to set up a Zoom meeting and provide us with a meeting ID and link.


Must have experience with studying religious texts and be able to read, pharaphrase and give a discourse on the topic to a group of devotees. Examples of books are (but not limited to): Devi Bhagavatam, Chandi Path, Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads, Vedas, Puranas, ect.

कंपनी के बारे में

Classes take place online and/or in person. Devotees leading class are demonstrating Karma Yoga (Selfless Service) and all donations directly support the American Haidakhan Samaj.

अभी अप्लाई करें
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