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8 APRIL 1983

8 APRIL 1983

All must be aware that the recitation of the Guru Granth Sahib is taking place. This recitation has been organized by Shri Sardarji of Bombay for the benefit of the whole world. This reading describes the path of righteousness and it will inspire you with great courage. Its message is one of determination and duty. To lead a true life, one must have firm determination and be aware that there is one Soul present in all people. The Guru Granth Sahib for centuries has inspired the Sikh community with courage and determination; it is even in the blood of their small children. There are many instances in Sikh history of heroism and martyrdom; the two small boys of Guru Govind Singh were buried alive. They had the high spirit and determination to follow the path of righteousness. They had the high spirit and determination to follow the path of righteousness. They preferred to give up their lives rather than abandon their religion. Sikhs throughout history have suffered atrocities for the sake of their religion ; they have shed their blood in great numbers; they have preferred death to untruth. Such a time has come now. Everyone must have the same faith in truth and righteousness.

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