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UPDATE 03/17/2020 - Navratri Booklet

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

Dearest brothers and sisters, Jai MA!

The state of the world is continuously showing us the importance of being prepared, taking the teachings of Babaji into our daily lives and equipping ourselves with the powerful tools to live daily in Truth, Simplicity, & in Love.

Here is a Navaratri Booklet that explains in detail what the Pujas are, the importance of mundan. Taking a closer look at Karma Yoga and Seva along with the importance of Japa. Even if some of these words are foreign to you, this booklet will shed light and understanding on the practices that we all do.

In this time of uncertainty my beloved family in Baba, we are given the opportunity to live moment by moment with conscious direction and spiritual clarity. Though we may not pray in person together, let us empower ourselves with the knowledge found in this Navaratri Booklet and please do look forward to online “get togethers” where we can do pujas remotely.


Bhole Baba Ki Jai!!

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