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“Ashram” is another word for Spiritual Center. In the typical Haidakhandi Ashram, there is a temple with the daily ceremonies and worship rituals. Many of these places have accommodations for guests overnight.

If you would like to visit any of Babaji’s Ashrams, it is always good etiquette to call ahead and make arrangements. You should ask about schedule, protocol, dress code, and if there is anything you could bring that would help the place. You can also inquire about suggested donation to stay over night, to be clear about what is expected.

Ashrams and Centers in USA

Location: 2349 Camino Baca Grande
Crestone, Colorado 81131       
Phone #: (719) 256-4108

"The Haidakhandi Universal Ashram is located in the beautiful mountains of southern Colorado in Crestone. Babaji instructed us to build ashrams around the world where people could come for spiritual upliftment.


On our magnificent 101 acres of land we have a beautiful temple dedicated to the Divine Mother, many call it the Lakshmi Temple. Our beloved murti of the Divine Mother, Haidakhandeswari, is life-size and was installed in 1989.

We also have a large shop called the Maha Lakshmi Shop where we carry devotional items and Babaji related items.

See website for ways to support the ashram or to plan a visit to partake in the daily sadhana or annual festivals/celebrations." (Haidakhandi Universal Ashram)

Located in the Gwinn, MI on 7 acres of forest land in the Upper Peninsula, 1 mile from a serene campground on Anderson Lake.

We are in the process of landscaping a space where we will host various festivals/celebrations along side monthly Havan on the new/full moon and weekly kirtan.


We hope in the next year: to build a structure to cover the Havan Kund (to help utilize space during all seasons), create outdoor cooking/ eating area for bhandara and begin planting a permaculture forest. We have renovated an old camp building into a Healing Arts Studio and have a beautiful cedar sauna on site as well.


Please contact us if you'd like to join an event so we can prepare enough prasad. 

Shakti Dham


Location: Gwinn, Michigan      
Contact Names: 
 Sadie & Anthony Lewis

Haidakhandi Hermitage


Location: Columbia, MO    
Contact Name: 
 Melinda Staley

Melinda hosts aarati and kirtan in Columbia, Missouri. She has landscaped a lovely area in her backyard and has built a beautiful Havan Kund where she performs Fire Ceremony on the new and full moons. This Havan Kund can seat around 5-6 people in the front row.


Also pictured above is the meditation temple that houses an Asan (seat) for Babaji. This building can accommodate up to 4 people; it is a sacred space where you can have darshan with Babaji. Please contact her for a current schedule and to make accommodations.

Shirley Chambers is a Babaji devotee who hosts monthly Aarti at the Kabalah Center in Atlanta, GA.


"On these evenings we will present Puja, Aarati, and Satsang (teaching). Understanding will be presented regarding these ceremonies as well as the value of their archetypal symbolism. The service lasts approximately an hour and a half.


All are invited to attend.

Friday Evenings (7:30pm): 2022 schedule to be announced" 

kabalah center.jpg

Location: Atlanta, GA     
Contact Name: 
 Shirley Chambers

Offerings in the USA:

  • Satsang with Nirmal Sharma in San Diego, California. Contact him to set up a time/date. 
    Contact information:
    Phone #: 760-798-6150 cell

Ashrams Around the World


Location: Distt. Nainital; Uttarakhand - India, 263126

Phone #: +91-8958052917, +91-9358373452


"In 1970 SHRI BABAJI appeared in the historic holy cave situated at the foot of Mount Adi Kailash at Haidakhan, Kumaon. He materialized as a youth of 18 or 20 years.

Babaji spent most of the 14 years of this manifestation at Haidakhan where he established a beautiful ashram, and built nine temples on the bank of the River Gautami Ganga. The Haidakhan area and Kumaon Mount Kailash have been spiritually graced with the power of Lord Shiva’s tapasya (penance) for centuries. The main temple at Haidakhan was constructed by Old Haidakhan Baba Himself.

The sacred Maha Shakti Dhuni, located by the Gautami Ganga river in the gardens below Haidakhan Ashram was built with Babaji's own hands and inaugurated  in August 1983." (Haidakhandi Samaj 2017)

"Haidakhan Wale Baba iniated the building of a huge Ashram: Anandpuri. Sri Sri Maha Muniraj was born here and gave the land and all His money to fulfill this manifestation of Love to His Guru Sri Sri Mahaprabhuji, Babaji.


In autumn here is a big festival for The Divine Mother, called Navratri and hundreds of people are coming to celebrate the Haidakhandeshvari Ma and get the blessings of The Devi Durga. There is a big pyramid temple building with a Kirtan hall and closed by an Ashram with many rooms for all the Devotees built in an atrium style. There are also few other houses around, there is a Kutir for Babaji, an old one and a new one, there is a huge hospital on the Ashram area for many ill people who get free help here." (Anandpuri Ashram)

Click link to read about the: Bhole Babaji Ayurvedic Hospital and Research Center

Ananda Puri Ashram

Chilianaula, India


Location: Chilianaula, Ranikhet, District Almora, Uttarakhand - India, 263647

Phone #: +91-8958052917, +91-9358373452



Location: Kalkstück 11, Windeck-Rieferath, D-51570, Germany

Phone #: +49 (0) 2243 6603 


"The Bhole Baba Ashram is located in western Germany, about 44 km from Cologne in the Windecker Ländchen surrounded by gentle hills, small rivers and small villages - embedded in a beautiful landscape in a very small village called Rieferath, which consists of two parts. The ashram itself is in the valley basin and consists of several houses.

There is the old part with its two guest houses and there is the new part with a large kirtan hall/temple, a large kitchen and several guest rooms. In the new part there is a winter garden, which is used as a dining room and offers a view of the beautiful surroundings.


Right at the temple/kirtan hall there is a Dhuni and further down in the large area there is another Havankhund, which is now overgrown and is lying on a small river." (Bhole Baba Ashram 2022)

​"In 1991 a dedicated group of people started the adventure of the long awaited Babaji ashram in the Netherlands: Sada Shiva Dham. It has become a resting point and inspiring place for many. Over all these years, many people have contributed to its success, and every contribution – no matter how big or small – is valuable and has made this place what it is today.

Sada Shiva Dham is a place for inspiration and retreat, to share the teachings and works of Haidakhan Babaji. You are welcome every day. It is possible to come during the day or to stay a few days in a row. You are welcome regardless of background or religion.


In the ashram a simple daily rhythm is followed. It helps to come to ourselves and to renew the inner contact with God or our deepest Being. It contributes to unity and peace." (Sada Shiva Dham – Babaji ashram 2022)


Location: Vrijenbergweg 60,
7371 AB Loenen (Gld), Netherlands

Phone #: +31 (0)55 505 2871


Fondazione Bhole Baba

Cisternino (BR), Italy


Location: Via Fiume, 54, 72014
Cisternino BR, Italy

Phone: +39 339 475 2819


"The Ashram Bhole Baba of Cisternino (Brindisi, Puglia) was born in 1979 at the behest of the Mahavatar Babaji , to spread His message of Truth, Simplicity and Love in Italy. The Cisternino ashram was also the first Babaji ashram to be created in the Western world.

Babaji's ashram in Cisternino is located in the countryside of the Itria Valley, famous for the trulli , typical buildings that fill the valley. The ashram also includes the classic trulli in its structure, both for some devotional structures (Kirtan), and for those intended for the kitchen, refectory, dormitories and bathrooms. The ashram is complemented by various structures built over time by devotees of the ashram, which are used for various uses: library, meditation room, chai shop, greenhouse, woodshed, laundry, and structures used for the processing tools of the vegetable garden, or to host animals.

In the Cisternino ashram there has been a temple identical to that of Herakhan since 1986." (Bhole Baba Foundation 2013-2022)

"The Haidakhandi Spiritual Peace Center (Annapurneshwari Mata Ashram - Babaji Ashram) of Villa San Secondo (Asti) was founded in 1989 on the recommendation of Shri Guru Muniraji as a place of retreat and community life. The Hairakhandi Spiritual Center of Peace (CSPH) is an ashram where you can practice the teachings of Sri Babajidi Herakhan and the spiritual discipline promoted by Him, which is based on Karma Yoga...

The Center is open to people of all religious denominations, and one of its main objectives is to be able to offer moments of peace and reflection by working together....

The Hairakhandi Spiritual Center of Peace organizes various initiatives, events and activities throughout the year, among which the international festival of spirituality Bhakti Festival is highlighted . For details, changes and additions to the CSPH activity program, visit the Centre 's website and Facebook group." (Bhole Baba Foundation 2013-2022)

italy asti 2.jpg

Location: Monte Gaudio, 1 Villa San Secondo, 14020 Asti, Italy

Phone #: +39 0141 905393 


Schweibenalp Ashram.jpg

Location: Schweibenalp, 3855 Brienz, Switzerland

Phone #: +41 33 952 20 00


"The center of the unity Schweibenalp is located in the Bernese Oberland at 1100 meters, overlooking the turquoise Lake Brienz.

As a living and working community, we are hosts in our seminar center and maintain the permaculture gardens. We are part of the Global Ecovillage network and have been contributing to the development of a holistic lifestyle and universal spirituality for over 35 years.

In our seminar center, we host a variety of events, mainly in the areas of yoga, meditation, personality development, dance, music, bodywork and permaculture.

Our picturesque guesthouse with its 90 beds was built in the early days of Swiss mountain tourism... All meals are vegetarian and organic.... Depending on the season, we use herbs and vegetables from our permaculture gardens. We welcome our seminar guests, holiday guests and day visitors!" (Zentrum der Einheit Schweibenalp)

"After several years of waiting for the right opportunity to present itself, the Babaji Charity volunteer committee passed a unanimous resolution to purchase Hempstitch Hill, 11 acres of beautiful pasture land and a derelict cottage on the outskirts of Glastonbury close to Ham Hill nature reserve with views of murmurating swallows and home to other rare birds.

The site has views of the Tor and will be used to develop plans for a simple ‘Nature Ashram’ with temporary infrastructure to host Babaji gatherings and wider Bhakti festivals and to plant gardens and trees based on permaculture principles.

The committee is now working hard on immediate practicalities of putting infrastructure in place to welcome you safely and comfortably. For anyone looking to come to an event at Durgadas and Harisudha’s house please call ahead at number listed above." (Haidakhandi Samaj UK 2020)

Nature Ashram

United Kingdom


Location: Glastonbury, United Kingdom

Phone #: 01458272980 - Durgadas and Harisudha (call only to attend events)

Email: N/A click link to get connected


Location: Ortalavägen 183

764 91 Väddö, Sweden

Phone #: 070-2184838 (Bosse) and 070-1865328 (Henrik)


"Ashramet Samba Sada Shiva Dham was founded in 1992 and is located in Roslagen about 120 km north of Stockholm. The Samba Sadashiva Foundation has been the owner of the ashram's property since 2013 and manages it in accordance with Shri Babaji's message Truth, Love and Simplicity , and with the aim of supporting people's spiritual and human development and cooperation.


The core of the ashram consists of the temple and the dhuni. The temple is located in an old barn, and the dhuni, the hearth, is surrounded by forest. The forest occupies most of the ashram's land, and part of it has been a biotope protection area for a few years now, protected by the Swedish Forest Agency. There are also some smaller buildings on the land of the ashram. There are several plans for further development of the ashram, including renovation and rebuilding of the barn for future needs." (Haidakhan Baba Center 2022)

​"With great enthusiasm we open the doors of the first urban ashram in Costa Rica. Founded by Ma Shivā Mayi in April 2017 to share the teachings of our Sadguru, Shri Shri 1008 Haidakhan Wale Baba, Mahavatar Babaji. 


An internal garden, similar to the cloisters of the old Franciscan monasteries, welcomes us upon entering. Further on, in a protected space, is the dhuni where the sacred fire invites us to meditate. Ancient traditional offering ceremonies to the Divine are held here at dawn and dusk. 

If you wish to receive more information about the ashram and its activities, you can leave us a message using the following form and we will contact you back as soon as possible." (Haidakhandi Samaj Costa Rica Association)

Haidakhandi Dharma Ashram

San Jose, Costa Rica

costa rica ashram

Location: WVG7+PQ7, C. 122A, San José, San Rafael, Costa Rica

Phone #: +506-8702-3094

Email: Click here for contact form

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