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Karma Yoga


"Diligent work is a quality of this Path, for laziness is death on earth. Only by work can one claim victory over karma." -Babaji

To all who came to see Babaji, he told over and over that karma yoga—selfless service—dedicated to God is the best, easiest, most rewarding/quickest way to God in this chaotic, confused era of change. At his ashram in Haidakhan, Karma Yoga in the morning and afternoon is a vital part of the daily schedule. He insisted on several hours of karma yoga daily and one is expected to work with constant repetition of the mantra.

Asana Instructor

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Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor or Practitioner

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Sanskrit Scholar

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Kirtan Instrument Instructor

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Aarti Facilitator

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Discourse Facilitator for Bhakti Book Club

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Karma Yoga

How to Get Involved?


Look up local community service opportunities in your area. 

Hosting local events

Host Kirtan, Havan, or Karma Yoga project.


Give back to local families in need or contribute to GoFundMe's.

Share the teachings

Share your experience with the practice of Sanatana Dharma and Babaji! 

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