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Dear Babaji Sisters and Brothers,

Please Save the Date And Plan Your Trip August 17-19 2018 in Crestone, Colorado

This is the 33rd Anniversary year of our first Babaji World Peace Celebration in Crestone. The peace Pole we planted is still standing and the Ashram we dreamed about is growing and thriving.

What will the next years look like? Who have we become? What do we choose to be? What can we offer the communities where we live?

These questions and more await us as we gather for renewal, conversation and celebration, including our annual Samaj meeting, fire ceremonies, book studies and more.

Please come and join your Babaji family.

A team of people are drafting plans and events for this unique reunion.

If you have suggestions or wish to join the team, please contact: Loknath at Or call 253-389-4589.

Bhole Baba ki Jai!

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