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11 APRIL 1983

11 APRIL 1983

Shri Mahaprabhuji will not spread the word of this revolution by radios, newspapers, television or even the written word. He will do it simultaneously everywhere through His inner power. Before, many ‘lions’ took birth for the sake of revolution—Subhash Chandra Bose, Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin and, in the U.S.A. Abraham Lincoln. There were certain shortcomings before—before the people did not have a slogan of Power. Now I have given the slogan `JAI MAHAMAYA KI JAI’—’Victory to the Supreme Mother, to the Divine Energy!’ There will be people now with shaven heads and Sikhs with turbans and beards on the world-flag. Yogis and yoginis will be there. They will all come on to the world map. The fact is that the problem is universal I have repeated this many times. It was Shirdi Maulana (Sal Baba of Shirdi in his incarnation as a Muslim emperor 800 years ago) who said that yogis and yoginis will take part in this revolution. The great energies, both known and unknown, which may be activated at any moment will be utilized in this revolution. The fact is, I have spoken before. I will have to speak again. The fact is, I have to awaken the world from its sleep. The fact is that I, too, will have to come forward for this revolution. The fact is, to do duty, to be dutiful, is what I call Mahayoga. The fact is that at this moment our duty is to help the helpless. The fact is, the future kingdom will have no party—it will be a movement and this movement will be world-wide. The fact is, the person before you with the bulging eyes like the back of a sea-shell is the one who will come before you time and again. The fact is that he is the head of this movement. The fact is he will go to Assam, Punjab, Iran, Iraq–wherever there is revolution, there he will go. It is difficult to find a more serious man. The fact is, that I have said it is a fact. Baba Hargovind will remain here. He will be in charge of things whenever I go out. He will be working here because I found him to be a true yogi; he has the responsibility for yoga. Lok Nath will have to look after State affairs—he has such beautiful eyes. The fact is that our movement will have its seat at the centre of the world. The fact is that today I conclude my speech here.


The fact is you have to be alert twenty-four hours a day. The fact is, I have told you all this before, what you should do, what you should not do. When Mahaprabhuji participates in this work, all means will come to Him ; all weapons and armaments will automatically be available. Mahaprabhuji does not have to build factories for that, all means will be available at the right time. The fact is, wise people will come to Mahaprabhuji by themselves and those who are not wise will have to be brought here.


(In Hindi, the repetition of ‘the fact is’—”kai hai ki”—came from the lips of Shri Mahaprabhuji like a mantra. It has been left in the translation, even though the vibrational effect in English is less than in Hindi).

Shri Babaji sometimes cites active leaders, including Hitler, Mussolini, Lenin, as examples of men of single-mindedness and intensity of purpose, even though motivated by negative aims. He notes that ‘their karma yoga shook the world’. In this context, Tulsidas said : ‘As a man driven by passion can think only of possessing women, as a man of avarice is compelled to act for gain of wealth, in like manner the devotee of God should be focused on dedication and service to God’. In Christian religious tradition, Saul is such an example. Through his spiritual conversion, he became Paul on the road to Damascus. With the same intensity as he previously had persecuted Christians, he then sought to convert others to Christianity. The same energy was harnessed to a spiritual aim.

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