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Projects Supported by: American Haidakhand Samaj

"The message to all of you is that the most important thing in the world is humanitarianism, or humanism. For this, we should sacrifice all our self-comfort. Do not think of yourself or your comfort, but think of others. This is the great humanitarian principle." -Babaji


Love Our Earth Project

Our Purpose: With loving reverence, we extend the fruit of our hands, to the needs of this world, for the peace, happiness, joy and contentment of all creation and toward a socially just, environmentally sustainable and spiritually fulfilling future.

The Need: Working to the disadvantage and destruction of life, humanity is living out an old story of the severability and separation of life.  Much material invention and progress has been developed in the manufacturing of this story.  But, in its’,  the “Market” has become God and monied consumerism the dominate global religion. The product of this  old “story” is global warming, loss of habitat,  species extinctions, ocean acidification, unsustainable consumption wealth inequality,  etc..  We need a  deeper source of values and meaning that is present in all of the world’s great religious traditions and confirmed in quantum physics -  any sense we might have that our physical self is is separate for the world is an illusion fostered  by a lack of understanding of the actual character of physical reality.  Einstein said: “ . . .a human being is a part of the whole, called by us ‘the universe’ ” We are in an interdependent, fluid organic dance with the planet - a web of relationships in which no part stands alone. What is the substance of a ‘new story’ that we can write with others. 

What we Seek:  We seek to join with others  in the global movement of religious / sacred environmentalism, wherein the following, among other things are valued:

1. nurturing people in their relationships with the sacredness of all of life.

2. renewing and healing the earth as a mother would her injured child.

3. creating sustainable ways  to produce and consume.

4. supporting new laws that recognize the “personhood’ of our natural worlds

5. suspending practices harmful to life and supporting balanced living

6. investing in socioeconomic justice and ecological sustainability. 

7. deep, healing alignment with native Americans whose heritage with  the land has been denigrated by genocide and injustice by settlers  and the US Government. Their cultures and very existence are intertwined, through, ceremony and way of life.

Our Invitation: Please join us in the  “Love our Earth Project ” -  an activity of  members of the American Haidakhan Samaj

LoveEarth : Brochures

Bhole Baba Sangha


Our Challenge:

Our Satguru Sri Maha Avatar Babaji, and our guide and teacher Sri Maha Muniraj  have left their bodies and direct physical guidance through them is no longer available.  We are aware that they have not gone, but are spiritually present as they now live actively in our hearts. In order to continue and thrive as a spiritual family and global community of diverse people, we seek a conversation that will examine and inspire our activities and structures into the future, without the presence of a living master.

Bhole Baba Sangha Vision:

(To expand Babji’s joy through service). To inspire and support a new impulse of the international Babaji community into service, teaching and action. An initiative that will unite people by, and help ground and promote Babaji’s teaching of the Sanatana Dharma, the eternal path in life and service to humanity, without affiliation to a particular religious tradition, but which embraces all religions and spiritual paths.

Bhole Baba Sangha Objectives:

To invite a spirit of radical and far-reaching questioning and opening of ourselves within the Babaji community for a positive future.  To create a platform for this questioning and conversation, in a spirit of truth, simplicity and love. To create an initiative which will further bring our Babaji community together in service and mutual support across nations. An initiative that, through its modern interactive process, is a compliment to the Indian Haidakhandi Samaj, and which is founded on the question: Is everything we do in alignment with the sacred Presence of Babaji?

Bhole Baba Sanga Structure:

A). Bhole Baba Sanga is a charitable/ not for profit, non-hierarchical association that can help focus and support Babaji ashrams, centres and interest groups.  A Bhole Baba Sanga Administrative Group has initiated this project and offers to perform coordinating functions. The Admin Group is not an executive but an advisory group of elders (seeing eldership as a function rather than anything to do with age), and it was born out of those who initiated and inspired the on-going Gurupurnima celebrations in Europe since 2004.
B). Ashrams, Organizations and Centres who are devoted to the work of Babaji in the West, while remaining autonomous, are invited into cooperative relationships with the Bhole Baba Sanga Admin Group.
C). Interest Groups are cooperative circles made up of people interested in sharing particular forms of service, such as: Healing and Education; Sustainable Living; Business and Entrepreneurship; Crafts and Production; IT Technology, Tours and Pujas; Networking  beyond the Babaji community.

Bhole Baba Sangha Tasks:

  1. Interest Groups / Projects:  Continue supporting meaningful connections  between the various  Babaji community endeavors and the connections within Interest Groups.
    2. Young People: To encourage  the involvement of younger people who are inspired to help carry on the work into the future, beyond the older devotees, to improve our ashrams and initiate new projects and ideas.
    3. Support, Education  and Best Practices:  Starting conversations that develop  resources of teaching  and best  practices that can be experimented with by Babaji Ashrams, Centres and projects so they can optimally fulfil their purpose. To organize visits/tours to the ashrams to hold satsang, sing bhajans, provide training/support for puja, japa and meditation, give teachings and share communication skills,  to facilitate conflict resolution when and where requested, to explore  with Ashrams and Centers how to help with local community needs through local voluntary service projects, and to encourage businesses opportunities.
    4. Communication:  Continue establishing an internet presence (blog, website, Facebook, etc.); communicating with the Indian Haidakhandi Samaj; continue the publication and promotion of the International Haidakhandi Journal; network within and beyond the Babaji community; and to encourage increased support of initiatives (such as Planetbabaji).
    5. International Fund Development:   To support fundraising groups in countries where there are Babaji projects, and allocate funds in accordance with the Vision and Objectives of the Bhole Baba Sanga.

Take a closer look at the Bhole Baba Sangha - previously known as Jai HO:


The initial Admin Group includes:

Raghuvir (Thailand), Uday (India), Rob (UK), Mukundi (France), MayaRam (Slovenia), Lok Nath (USA), Sundar (Switzerland), Kharku (Thailand), Jamuna (Thailand), Gayatri (USA), Ramloti (USA), Bo (Sweden), Raghunandan (Italy) and Giuliano (Switzerland & Italy).

Helping Hands

AHS Humanitarian Outreach

More info to come!

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