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 Bhajans should be sung like a flower gives nectar–sweetly and softly. Drums, ‘chimtas’ and others instruments should be played quietly. Some bhajans are more appropriate for singing at different times of the day. Listen and learn to make proper selections for the morning and evening. On the same day, Babaji recited a new bhajan for singing in the evening. RAM NAM TUM RATAT CHELORI (Ram, name, you, recite, continue/continually/go on) Recite Ram’s name continually RAM NAM TUM JAPAT CHELORI —do jap RAM NAM TUM BHAJAT CHELORI —sing RAM NAM TUM PARHAT CHELORI —read RAM NAM TUM MAN MAIN CHELORI —in your heart RAM NAM TUM LIKHAT CHELORI —write RAM NAM TUM BARAT CHELORI —fill with RAM NAM TUM KAHAT CHELORI —say RAM NAM TUM BOLAT CHELORI —speak

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