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20 APRIL 1980

20 APRIL 1980

Note: After the evening aarati, Babaji spoke at length about the power of the mantra Om Namah Shivaya. Some of his talk went as follows: “I am happy that you are all on the way of religion. I am encouraged. As in past times, in certain parts of Europe there was a sincere adoration of fire. Babaji then said “More than half of the people are oriented towards destruction” and went on to relate a story of how, at a time in the past (Mahabharata times), all the resources of Ravana’s kingdom were used for the creation of a bomb so large and powerful that it was even more powerful than those we have today. Then some positive and creative forces got together and created something that would be even more powerful than this enormous destructive bomb. They created the mantra bomb. “The mantra is still the only way.” Babaji then gave two examples of survival and said that those who use the mantra will survive in the same way. First Example: When Lord Krishna was at a battle where everything was on fire, a locust came to pray at His feet. Krishna then placed His helmet over the locust. Everything on the field was burned and killed, except the locust, which survived under Lord Krishna’s helmet. Second Example: In a flour mill, all of the grain is ground up, just like people are in the destructive process. A few grains escape because they are near the center pole and fall down and away from the grinding wheel. “I am happy that you are here. You should not waste your time while you are here. Have faith.”

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