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23 OCTOBER 1981

23 OCTOBER 1981

On 23 October, Babaji called a General Meeting which was attended by 44 Western devotees and a handful of Indians on the cave side at Herakhan Vishwa Mahadham. Shastriji and Lok Pal were requested by Babaji to speak.

    Shastriji opened the meeting with Babaji’s blessings and congratulated those present for being fortunate enough to attend this Royal Court Meeting, such as those Lord Shiva held long ago at Mount Kailash. He went on to say that Babaji’s greatest leela (God’s action in human form) is being present in Herakhan and being everywhere in the world, in every particle, both living and non­living. Whenever the world faces grave problems, the Lord takes human incarnation and comes to fulfill the needs and desires of mankind. However, when the Lord comes in human form, few recognize Him. It was the same with Ram and Krishna, Christ and Mohammed. Only those to whom the Lord wishes to reveal Himself realize that He is in fact more than just a normal human. He will put suspicion in our minds and hearts and it is our duty to pray to Him for the wisdom to know Him. Without Babaji’s blessing, one will only see His play at the human level, like that of Krishna with the gopis. Lok Pal described the discipline of being with Babaji as the most difficult one could ever face, but went on to say that it is through facing this discipline with enthusiasm and openness that we will become pure enough to know Babaji and receive the love that He offers.. Babaji ended the meeting with the words, “Work is Worship”, and said that at the 25 December meeting many important things regarding the past, present and future will be revealed.

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