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24 JANUARY 1983

24 JANUARY 1983

     Any day when aarati is being done by people from a certain country, all the men and women of that country should participate in it. When a German does aarati, all Germans must take part in it; when Swiss people do aarati, all the Swiss should take part in it.     Likewise with the French, Italians, Americans, etc. This is a new universal law, given for Herakhan Vishwa Mahadham, since the new code for the universal kingdom will start from Herakhan. This law will he universal law. This is not for one country but for all the world. “Dhara 44″—Code No. 44—is the name of this law, and a person can be punished if he breaks this law. All of you must obey the law. This is a universal law. The world is going to be a universal kingdom ; there will be one king, one law in the whole universe.     The old laws and regulations are not applicable now. They have lost their validity ; due to corruption in the law ministries, the old law is no law now. The new law is like a morphine injection—it has immediate effect. Do not take the law into your hands. Be controlled by the law; do not control the laws by taking them into your own hands.     Shirdi Maulana is speaking all this. You may know about Shirdi Maulana. He lived during the Muslim rule in India. He is now making the rounds everywhere, going here and there to help humanity. Now he is here, speaking through Shri Mahaprabhuji.     He says that “I” and “my” have put a veil over the hearts of people. People have become self-centered and selfish. How can there be peace when the mind is full of ego and selfishness ? Who is big enough in this world now to sacrifice himself for universal service and love ? People have degenerated to the point that they are prepared to kill or harm others for their own selfish works or motives.     All of you must try to destroy the corrupted law and establish true law in the world.

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