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5 JANUARY 1983

5 JANUARY 1983

Everybody must come in time to darshan, kirtan and aarati. Manage your time effectively, so you are prompt. When you go back to the West, do aarati and kirtan at proper times. Everybody can do aarati and puja at this home. I dislike idleness and gossiping. You have taken this birth on Earth to work. Work hard ! After death, what will you show to God ? Not only here, but wherever you are, work hard !

Shri Babaji to the Italians

Don’t use intoxicating drugs, but learn from Gora Devi’s devotion and purity. Why do you travel here so far from your home, yet to lose yourself in drugs ? It is strictly forbidden to use drugs and you must leave if you do so, because there is no progress ; you remain the same. Once upon a time Rome was the highest city of all ; then it degenerated. Don’t repeat history in Herakhan. You must learn not to use drugs, so you can teach others not to use them.



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