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26 JULY 1979 (Herakhan)

26 JULY 1979 (Herakhan)


    Some important observations made by Sri Babaji on the future world events. The change of the present which is full of turmoil, will be brought about by bloody revolution. Peace will return only after the revolution reaches its zenith. In the aftermath of the revolution—which will be total; no country will be spared big or small—some countries will be totally erased, leaving no sign of their existence. In some 3% to5% and up to maximum of 25% of the population will be spared and will survive. The destruction will be brought about by earthquakes, floods, accidents, collisions and wars. The destructive elements which were kept in check by Sri Babaji have been released to do their worst. Those who pray to their chosen divinity will not be affected.

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