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4 APRIL 1982

4 APRIL 1982

Shastriji, speaking in Baba’s presence, then saying what Babaji told him to say

By the Grace of the Ultimate, absolute God (Brahman), Shri 1108 Bhagwan Ashutosh (One Who gets easily pleased), Awadhardani (Giver in plenty), Shri Kashivishwanath (the Universal God Who lives in Benares) Kailashguhabihari (the One Who lives in the cave at Kailash), Mahamunindra (the greatest sage), Shri Herakhan Behari (One who enjoys Herakhan), in the beautiful courtyard in the Himalayas, the crown of India, at the holy pilgrim center, Herakhan Vishwa Mahadham, this assembly or gathering of Sikhs has been a success. This assembly has been for the universal good and benefit of the entire world.

From far away places the great men—Guru Bhaktas—among the Sikhs arrived here. During this great spiritual gathering on the holy day of Vaishakhi, the continuous recitation of the holy Guru Granth Saheb (the Sikh scriptures) was completed in 48 hours, with Of rites and rituals of the cult.

This is a matter of joy and we are all fortunate to have had the opportunity to attend this assembly and make this time of our lives so successful. Holy words, full of nectar, coming out of the mouths of the true Gurus vibrate throughout the world. Especially when thus news went to Sach Khand (the true Eternal Abode), then it seemed as if all the Gurus had come here to hear the recitation of this holy book. Guru Govind Singhji is also sitting and listening. From every pore of their bodies blessings are pouring forth to all beings.

This effort was made for the benefit of the world. The holy words in Guru Granth Saheb are great mantras. By correctly performing the worship and recitation of these mantras, a being achieves righteousness, riches, pleasures, salvation and fulfillment of all other desires during his life. The soul begins to swim in the waves of bliss and the mire of the world disappears from the eyes.

The true wish of Shri Mahaprabhuji (Babaji) is that our Sikh religion, which exemplifies the true Guru Bhaktas, should progress in the entire world: Guru Granth Saheb is a holy Indian cult scripture, in which the essence of all the Vedas and other scriptures are given. After testing the sweetness of their own experiences, the great Gurudevs have written of these experiences for the benefit of the world, and kept it like a treasure trove for the coming genera­tions.

If we are to save humanity from ‘attachment, ego, illusions, and other evils, then we must gain knowledge from the holy Sikh Dharma (religion). All of the divine qualities, like patriotism, spirituality, knowledge, non-attachment, etc., are shown in a perfect mariner in this Sikh Dharma.

What can a man not achieve when ne surrenders to his Guru ? Shri Mahaprabhuji has the holy thought that the revolution must be done peacefully. As long as we arc not able to rebel against the bad qualities in our hearts and minds, we shall not be able to attain our goals in life. Shri Mahaprabhuji wants all of the elements which weaken religion removed and abolished. We should have great faith and love for our religion.

Great Gurus kindly began this cult as the essence of all religions. An assembly of this great cult has been going on here for many days. Shri Mahaprabhuji expresses his good wishes and showers blessing on the followers of all religions. Cooperate with the Sikh religion and progress in righteousness.

One whom God loves is victorious in all spheres of life. Honour be to the holy Way of the Guru! Honour be to the Victory of the Guru!

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